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Final UT environment---Obama & Prada

Power within space is in a sense the level of contrast between the scale of the space itself and the user within. This idea is consistent within the critical area of the client's office. The inspiration of the clients idea came from either their background (family, religion and so on), or their philosophy.

Obama's Office

Obama's office consists of 4 distinctly different space( Lounge room, balcony and altar), and one single large office. The philosophy of "Change" is brought out explicitly by the change in elevation, and horizontal movement a user must go through intheir long endured walk from the start end to Obama's office, which again emphasise Power (adopted from Hitler's Chancellery).

The four different space represents the 4 members in Obama's family, and this is highlighted again in the lounge room. Whilst the balcony represents freedom, transparency, altar represents Obama's faith, and last one Change.

At the end of the walk towards Obama's office, the use of shadow and light are used metaphorically to create a sense of "Hope". Power is emphasised ultimately within Obama's office as it is unsuprisingly massive compare to the whole structure. Again, Light & shadow are also implemented metaphorically.

Prada's office & meeting space

Meeting Space is just a simple space where the clients philosophy or characteristics fuse together, so in a sense the "Prada" sphere enclosed within the "Obama" cube is a representation of this idea.

Prada's space is developed as a simple but elegant space, with the idea of Fabric, and individualism combine to serve a whole. A representation of this is the Fabric and stairs like structure used to segregate partial space within as individual design studios or stations.

The architectural experience of power is achieved by forcing the user to walk around a fabric like staircase before one could enter the space, making it a lasting run that reminds of power.


Bridge- draft environment screenshots


shows the preliminary shapes and pathway.

Draft v2

Draft shows how Obama's office is shaping up inside the bridge, as well as the meeting space.

Bridge- Links

Link to sketchup model

Draft v1

Draft v2


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